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Save Him

And if you’re chosen and are a threat to satan…Then….satan will come back for round #Father God I Know that I know You are fighting my battles 💯🙌😭I need You LORD GOD to show me how to Let go of worrying over my son. I know he belongs to you.😭😭😭I pray Father for a divine … Continue reading Save Him

My Feelings

Stop 🛑 giving away my power! Nobody has the power to make ME feel. I feel… Maybe in response to them, but I feel. For example… In conversation with brother, sister, Mother, Father, spouse or co-workers…I can say something like: “I hear you. This situation is hard. I feel [insert emotion] right now.”  When it … Continue reading My Feelings

What Happened

Question: Why did you look up this word definition? Because I’ve always wanted to be witty. I lost my wit somewhere along the road of life. I’m trying to find it again

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